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Photos really enhance a web site! Please take a few minutes to determine what type of photos you would like displayed on your web site. These can include logo images, sign graphics, homes, common areas, and people.

NOTE: Photos downloaded from any random web site are NOT free to use. You must own the photo(s) or have legal rights to use them in order to have them displayed on your site. If not then you could be facing costly legal issues from the photographer. It's best to either use photos you or someone you know have taken, with their permission. Or pay a professional photographer to take photos of the area noting that they will be used on the web site and possibly print materials. Or use the vendor listed below. These are all good practices and can avoid any legal issues.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND PHOTOS IN A WORD DOCUMENT. We can accept JPG, PNG, TIF, PSD, AI, EPS, and even DNG, or Native camera formats. But WORD documents do not present the best quality. If you can, please archive multiple photos into a ZIP archive then send them.

If you do not have any photos, please visit Adobe Stock and view their huge selection. Once you have decided then please send only the FILE NUMBER(s) of the images to [email protected] along with details on where you want each image placed. This will ensure that we get the photos placed properly.

If your community does not have a logo, we will provide a simple text-only logo for your website. If you want a custom design logo then please contact our Graphics Team for a quote.